Come on, folks! You’re blaming the wrong guy!

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Oil Prices Keep Going Up! By Joselromero $$$

I drive a Hyundai Accent and usually, it would take $20 dollars to fill her up for the week and I will be good till then. Recently though I don’t know what the hell is happening, but that $20 turned into $26 dollars to fill my car up!

What the…

There is a Boogeyman lurking in every corner!

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The Truth Is Always Uncomfortable! Picture and Text From Joselromero $$$

Critical Race Theory!

You see it everywhere now! Everyone acts as if it's something new when in reality Critical Race Theory has been around since the 1970’s. Back then, it laid quietly in the halls of academia only being used by a few scholars legal or academic. …

Joselromero $$$

I’m as old as time and arrived in an asteroid many years ago. LinkedIn: Quora:

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