29 Life Lessons I Learned At 51

Jose L Romero
2 min readOct 8, 2022

There are way more to add but I think 29 is enough!

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Me at 18 at some Cafe in Toulon France

My time in this world has taken me from one side of the world to another, while during that time I learned many life lessons along the way. Even now at 51 I’m still learning as life never stops teaching.

Here are my 29 life lessons

  1. Life is unpredictable
  2. Nothing is ever guaranteed
  3. You cannot control life or the people in it
  4. Knowledge is gain by experience and not by a piece of paper on a wall
  5. Working for someone else will never make you rich
  6. Learn to be dependable
  7. Learn to be self sufficient
  8. Action is a powerful gift
  9. Learning social skills can open a lot of doors
  10. Having a family is important
  11. Try new things so your life is not boring
  12. Anger makes you old
  13. Don’t worry what other people are doing or talking about you because it does not matter
  14. Read more not less
  15. Laugh as much as you can
  16. Ignorant people tend to be louder than intelligent people
  17. You are not right all the time
  18. Most of the time you have no clue on what you are doing most of the time
  19. Time is constantly speeding by
  20. Many of the people you consider friends may not be your friend but an acquaintance
  21. You will learn to be patient
  22. The “Fuck It” attitude becomes more ingrained
  23. You control what situations you allow in your life
  24. You realize society is not reality
  25. Politics will never fix anything
  26. Your not as fast as you were before
  27. There will always be problems in life
  28. Perception as not every person sees life the same way
  29. Travel outside the US

I’m sure there are more life lessons but right now it’s time for me to make some lunch. If you are my age comment and tell us what other life lessons you have learned in life.

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