7 Steps On How To Get Out Of The Ghetto And Live The Life You Want To Live

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7 Step By Step Instructions On How To Move Up And Move Out The Ghetto

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Police sirens are going off in the distance.

Ambulance and Fire Trucks are hauling ass to the next emergency.

An occasional gun shot or two goes off.

Your neighbor playing his or her favorite song at ear busting decibels!

Welcome To The Ghetto!

Where dreams die and so do many people’s lives. A place where anything goes, a high stakes game that can cost you your life if you are not careful.

For many of us including myself grew up seeing and hearing these things while living in the Ghetto. Just like in war torn countries where even though the city is in shambles they continue to go about their routine unbothered by the Crackhead going through withdrawals in need of a Doctor, you just casually walk by as if that event was not taking place.

The Ghetto is a cold place!

Its so bad out here that many of us want out, to go anywhere other than here but they never taught us how to get out this situation. We go to school and try to get an education but its hard when you have Students and even Teachers giving up their hope and falling into the abyss of hope and despair.

Here are the rules that you can use to get out of the chains that is keeping you in the Ghetto!

  1. Stop Being Closeminded: The Ghetto will keep you closeminded and for many the closemindedness gets in your mind unknowingly like a poison. To get out of here you need to get out of the cell in your mind
  2. Learn From The World Around You: The only way to get out of being closeminded is to learn about the world around you and not just in your hood. Find out how other people living, pick up a book and learn open your mind and when you do this the world will expand and you will see more opportunities that are available for you
  3. Find Mentors: Yes! Its hard to find mentors but they are there. They can be a relative living correctly, this could include a Teacher male or female, a Parent or Parents or even your…
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