It seems everywhere I look there some broke ass dude complaining about how his life sucks and doing nothing.

Broke Ass Dude: What The Hell Is Going On, Whatcha Doing With Your Life! by canva Joselromero $$$

Today I came across two great articles from fellow writer Joe Duncan in which he talks about how many men these days have become lazy as well as not wanting to…

Did not know that what I was doing was frowned upon on CareerBuilder.

CareerBuilder, Spamming, Spamming Job Listings, Spamming CareerBuilder Job Listings, CareerBuilder Customer Service Phone Number, Jobs, Job Search
CareerBuilder: The Day They Locked My Account! By Canva Joselromero $$$

It was a rainy fall Saturday in Virginia where I lived at the time. …

I still get emotional when I think about that day!

father cried, seeing my father cry, life, life lessons, love, joselromero, medium, feedium
The First Time I Saw My Father Cry! By Canva Joselromero $$$

It was many years ago I just about to graduate High School and preparing to go out into the world and see what it has for me. …

All this back-slapping and promises look at what has happened?

Trump, maga, magats, 911, 911 ceremony, 911 trump, trump did not show up for 911 ceremonies
Where Your Man Trump At? by Canva Joselromero $$$

Where’s your boy at?

You know how I’m talking about!

That former President wants to be a tough guy; where’s he at?

All that shit-talking and look! He stood you guys up! On a day where he could have been at and give a good speech like the four previous…

The truth from what I have seen while growing up in the hood.

BLM, Black Lives Matter, Vice Lords, Black Panther Party, community groups, helping the community, black community organizations
Picture taken from Canva Joselromero $$$

Today we will speak on about this so called group called “Black Lives Matter”, a group that from what I have seen on TV is all about the Black people’s right to live in an equal society…

The truth is shocking even to me but hear me out!

White People, First humans were Black, Humanity, Racism, Social Groups, Social Constructs
by Canva Joselromero $$$

I’m about to state a very unpopular opinion that many people are afraid to admit. This statement when stated can make the most ardent racist or supremacist go insane in anger!

Why? Because it will mess with their single…

It needs to be said you folks are crazy!

unpopular opinion, woke culture, maga, trump, nationalist, facists, racism
Unpopular Opinion About MAGA People by Canva Joselromero $$$

These past few years and months have been full of chaos and torment. It seems that Americans have basically turned on one another! They are fighting in streets and arguing about nothing important.

Then there is this group!

These so called…

I did not know there was such a thing!

IMEI Checker Tool, IMEI number, how to find out if the smartphone was stolen, escapeartist, smartphones, preowned smartphone market
How to know if your preowned Smartphone was stolen or blacklisted. by Canva Joselromero $$$

Recently I was browsing the Internet as I do all the time. I was searching for interesting articles to read, so that I could broaden my knowledge of the world and to be aware of what is going on in it.

Eventually, I found myself in a website called EscapeArtists…

What do you think?

Job Search, Job recruiters, Are Job Recruiters the wash rags of the industry, Jobs, Job Search
Are Job Recruiters The Wash Rags Of The Industry? by Canva Joselromero $$$

Are Job Recruiters The Wash Rags Of the Industry?

Being in the corporate world for close to 20 years I have worked with many Job Recruiters and for the most part at least for me it has been a mixed bag. …

Joselromero $$$

I’m as old as time and arrived in an asteroid many years ago. LinkedIn: Quora:

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