Is it fair to deny a person because of their beliefs?

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Would you put your life at risk because of a belief or opinion? Picture from Joselromero $$$

This morning while in bed fighting the Omicron, I was watching CNN and the news announcer asked this question.

“Should Unvaccinated People Be Denied Organ Transplants?”

Usually, I do not pay much attention to the news as I usually have it as background noise to keep my mind from wandering…

True Story! That event scared the shit out me and my Cousins!

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Mess with the Bull get the Horns! Picture from Joselromero $$$

Many years ago when I was a young lad my Parents would usually take us on vacations during the Summer. I always enjoyed going away because it meant that we were unsupervised and free.

As Latinos we usually go to our Parents home countries. The relatives tend to live in…

Slavery encompasses everyone in America!

house slaves, field slaves, plantation called America, uncle sam, slavery, white slavery, brown slavery, yellow slavery, black slavery, racism, trump, trumpism, maga
House Slaves..Er I mean House Servants! Picture from Joselromero $$$

I apologize for the title as I know it does tend to trigger some people. Although this article is not meant to be racial in any way, it’s more about grabbing your attention and maybe waking up those who need to be awake.

The way I tend to do this…

Stop letting your ego make you look stupid!

great resignation, marketable job skills, getting marketable job skills, quitting our job, Quit your job, unemployed, menial jobs, low paying jobs, getting a high paying job
Damn! Even Jar Jar is having issues! Picture from Joselromero $$$

As we all know, these days people are quitting their jobs in droves!

Many are throwing in the towel and saying “FUCK! This shit!” and quitting!

People feel great telling the boss to take his job and shove it! As you feel good about what you did, you feel as…

Or is Manhood really real or some societal device to lock us up in this mind game?

manhood, manly, manliness, red pill, mgtow, be the man, becoming a man, discovering your manhood
Photo by Sebastiaan Stam from Pexels Joselromero $$$

When you hear the word “Manhood” what comes to mind?

Does the picture of a man doing manly things like defending his family or saving people from utter danger or charging into a dangerous situation head on and ending up on top!

Unfortunately, as men, we all like to be…

I have a confession to make!

job hopping, great resignation, job hopper, getting a job, looking for a job, job seeking
An empty desk that used to belong to a Job Hopper. Picture from Joselromero…

Yes, folks and dear readers, I have a confession to make! This confession has been hidden and only used as a weapon when I decide it's time to leave a place I do no longer like!

Yes, my friends, I’m a notorious job hopper and have been for many years…

And here you are fighting over scraps!

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What the future is going to be like if we don’t get our shit together…

Yesterday when I got home I noticed my wife who works from home took down all the holiday lights as well as the Christmas tree. This for some reason made me feel extremely sad as it quickly reminded me that it was back to the same old dismal and routine…

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I’m as old as time and arrived in an asteroid many years ago. LinkedIn: Quora:

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