Agenda F Chapter 1: The Assassination Of The Queen.

Johnny B. Exploited
6 min readMay 18, 2022

A new chapter is being written.

It was early in the morning in a suburb not far from NYC. A woman is at home getting ready to start her day in her high profile job. As she waited for her coffee machine to pour out her coffee, her mate comes out of the dark room and kiss her. Both tell each other “Good Morning!”

Meanwhile outside a Jogger is jogging down the street. Her breathing was quick and rhythmic as she ran the streets were empty just her with the music blasting out from her wireless ear pods.

By this time Jackie walks out of her house with coffee in hand gives her Wife a kiss and walks towards the car in the Driveway. Its a cold foggy day a bit dreary as its November. She looks around then reaches in her Kate Spade bag to look for her car keys.

As she fiddles around looking for her keys the Jogger turns the corner approaching her. Jackie does not notice the Jogger who is getting closer and closer. The Jogger focuses on Jackie from afar and she reaches into her workout jacket and pulls out a 9 millimeter pistol with silencer. The Jogger stopped running and walked up to her with the pistol behind her back.

The Jogger says “Good Morning Jackie!” Jackie turns around and finds a person holding a pistol to her chest.

“What are y…” were the last words she said as two 9 millimeter bullets from close range ripped through her chest.

As Jackie laid there beside her car in the pool of her own blood her Wife comes out screaming at the sight she witnessed and the Jogger calmly told her to shut up and shot her as well killing her instantly. Jackie still trying to hold on to her life and not wanting to die asked her “Who sent you!” The Jogger looked at her as a black van pulled up. The Jogger raised the pistol to Jackie’s head and said “That is no longer your concern.” then pulled the trigger splattering Jackie’s brain all over the side of her white BMW truck.

The Jogger picked up the shells and jumped into the black van as it quietly drove away and turn down the block.

Somewhere in Europe.

Meanwhile a black Mercedes Benz S500 is driving down a long country road. Inside the car are two women, both dressed up as if going to a well to do party.

A cell phone rings and Mary Erica’s assistant picks up and says “Hello?” the voice on the other side of the phone tells…

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