Der Fuhrer DeSantis Is Going To Turn Florida Into A Backwards Banana Republic! Even The Conservative Right Is Scared.

Johnny B. Exploited
4 min readMar 11

When getting what you wished for becomes a nightmare!

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I moved from NY a few years back to get out of the craziness that is NYC. Me and the Wife sat down and we figured we give Florida a try since our little stint in Virgnia was a bust!

So we packed and left for the sunny shores of Central Florida! At first we were a little out of place since no place else is like NY so it took some time for us to get used to our surroundings and ways things are done here. During this time Florida was becoming more and more comfortable to us. No more being uptight and not feeling overcrowded it was great!

It was fine for a few years until Florida’s Fuhrer DeSantis became Governor of this state. It was quiet in the beginning until Trump became President and all of a sudden all these red hat wearing knuckleheads came out of the wood work. I have never seen or felt such a tense political atmosphere not even when I was in NY. The tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

The MAGA’s were liberated and felt confident enough to come out and protest and promote the con man that is Trump. Over night busy intersections here in Orlando became stages for Trump gatherings. Trump flags, Trump cutouts and of course the red hats were there with their bullhorns shouting and ranting. These shows reminded me more of Nazi rallies that I would watch on some History Channel Documentary.

During this time our fearless leader started to emulate the con man Trump and figured out that he could take advantage of this situation and bend it to his will and so it was. He began talking pointing out the so called monsters that the Maga people were so much reading and believing about. Then COVID hit and the big “D” went into overdrive!

Telling my felloe Floridians that COVID was make believe even though many Floridians were dying from it. he was on TV telling people bogus data on how COVID was a scam and that the Gov is trying to take away your rights. Its so ironic that he and the rst of the Republicans talking about the secret state when they not only work for the state, they also do their bidding.

Johnny B. Exploited

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