He Was Totally Surprised..

By What He Saw Under Her Skirt!

Life is funny sometimes when you are out there living it everyday. Weird stuff and surprises may happen to either shock you or make you happy or sad. Whoever said “Life sucks” never really have lived a full and eventful life.

Saying this allow me to tell you a story! Yes, I have a lot of stories in my life that i have gone through. I lived my life always on the move, living in the capitol of the world called NYC allowed me to live that life. when you live in NYC you are exposed to everything, to people, lifestyles, events. It is a constant thing one after another!

This event took place many many years ago while I was at the young age of 19. I was overseas in Naples Italy on a six month tour on the Med. You see i was in the Navy at the time and where the ship goes we all go. So after being out to see for a few weeks in the Med training and patrolling we pulled in for a little R&R.

Of course you know shits going to hit the fan when you have 3,000 Sailors who were cooped up on ship for a few weeks invade a city. With Money burning a hole on their pockets where do you think a young Sailor would go? Of course it was what they called “American Bars” aka the “Hoe House”.

I was with another group who went to see the sights in Naples. but after a few hours of sightseeing we for some reason ended up in an American Bar in the seedy part of town. when we got there it seemed like everyone that was on the ship was there. We walked in and I hear my name shouted out and handshakes and fives were passed about. The place was packed full of Sailors young ones and old Sea Dogs and the Women were buzzing around like Butterflies trying to get some Nectar (Money).

The place was a little dark, it had loud music playing and of course every TV in the bar was playing some form of Porn, I guess to get my Shipmates in the mood for love. The Women wasted no time in shaking down Shipmates for money. The Women would take them upstairs which I assumed was for Sex because after a few minutes they would come back down again and the Women would start hitting on another naïve Sailor.

Seeing this I did not participate in this because to me honest its a bit nasty and from what I was seeing hearing and seeing no one was using any condoms that I know of. I decided to get a Beer after one of these Ladies of the evening started whispering in my ear asking me if i needed a Girlfriend. I remember looking at her up and down and yes she was very pretty, But i quickly turned her down and grabbed my Beer and walked outside to the cool air. We even saw the Ships Captain in there buying drinks and paying for young Shipmates to get laid.

We were outside chilling drinking Beer and talking about nothing. Then we saw her! She looked like those International Models you would see in those Fashion Magazines. She had the whole get up! The look, the attitude all Italian!

Of course one of the Shipmates was sweating her like crazy! His hands were all over her and was thirsty like a Mofo! While we watched them or really her walk around the building into an alley way we got back to the bullshit we were talking about.

All of a sudden we hear in a loud voice!


Then the sounds of what sounded like Trash Cans and a scuffle. As a bunch of us walked towards the alley way to check on the Shipmate, we see the Woman run out skirt up to her waist and a Penis hanging for everyone to see!


All of us stopped in our tracks by what we saw as she ran by us with it all hanging and cursing at him in Italian and giving him the finger.

He came out cursing up a storm! It looks like she punched him in the eye because it swole up quick. He was trying to retain his manhood after what had happened in front of a whole bunch of Sailors. We just started laughing and teasing afterwards as we all went back to the Bar to continue to drink and to continue the debauchery that was happening before the issue that happened.

Moral of the story?

There isn’t any! We just experienced life in general, and for the Shipmate who got punched in the eye he was able to get his Manhood back and all was right with the world!

Such is life!

If you were entertained and have a great story, please feel free to COMMENT! If you don’t comment please feel FREE TO LEAVE A CLAP OR TWO!

I’m as old as time and arrived in an asteroid many years ago. I’m here to write and will follow and clap back to anyone! Just ask

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