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5 min readMay 6, 2022

It was all dream!

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Soundview area of the Bronx. Picture from Joselromero $$$

It was 4am in a Bronx neighborhood. The chilly November air makes it hard to get out of bed to begin the day. I get up from my bed scratch my balls and look out my window in my shitty apartment. As I rub my eyes to focus on what is going on outside two NYPD Police Cars speed down the neighborhood with sirens blasting and an Ambulance quickly behind them.

If you lived in a place like NYC its a normal occurrence to see Emergency Vehicles speed by to an emergency. In a city with 6 million people you bet this normal to us.

I turned around and headed to the bathroom and do the three “S”. Once I’m done I get ready for work, get my clothes out and lay them on the bed and start putting everything on. Check my phone to see if I have any appointments I need to take care of today. Head out my room and into the kitchen to grab my cup of coffee and coat, I look around to make sure everything is turned off and the windows are locked and head out.

Lock my door which has like 5 different locks each with a different key! Life in NYC is no joke!

Walk into the poorly lit hallway and go down the old marble looking stairs that are covered with years of stain and grime. As I head towards the front door I see one of my neighbors who lives in the building, an old Dominican man who only speaks Spanish I see him and give him the ole “Que lo Que Loco!” and he turns to me and tells me “Aqui en esta maldita vaina!” we give each other fist pumps and off I go to work.

Heading towards the train station which was about 2 blocks away, I took my time walking towards. In the distance I see a whole bunch of Cop cars both regular and unmarked with an Ambulance. Looks like someone may have been shot at the corner like always. Dudes living the “Fast Life” trying to get to that easy money will always lead you to death over here in the “Hood”.

I just shook my head and as I walked past all of them I tend to take a quick peek and sure enough it was someone who I have seen in the block from time to time. Living here after a while you tend to learn whose doing regular work and whose into the “Game”!

Johnny B. Exploited

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