How Success Can Be Like A Plant!

Jose L Romero
5 min readJul 17, 2021

A little story about success..

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How Success Can Be Like A Plant. By Canva App Joselromero

The bell rings when you walk inside this quaint little shop.

The smell of freshly cut grass permeates the shop as you begin to look around.

Not knowing what to expect you look at all of the things this shop has. A young woman’s voice asks you if you need help? You turned around and see a beautiful woman standing there! You stare at her because she is so beautiful! Then you notice her name tag and her name is “Nature”

Nature? A pretty name for a beautiful woman! You tell her what you are looking for that you want to try a new hobby. Nature smiled and she quickly led me down the aisles.

She picked out a small clay pot

A small bag of dirt

Then she led me to where they kept the seeds on display. It looked like there were hundreds of different types of seeds. Nature told you to choose wisely as these seeds have tremendous power that can change a persons life!

You look at her and tell yourself “Wow! This girl is really into Gardening!”

As you look through the seed display you notice the names on the packet that carried the seeds. You read them to yourself.

Love, Hate, Depression, Bliss, Anger, Melancholy, Happiness, Sadness, Friendship

Then you noticed the lonely little seed packet sitting at the bottom of the display and you read to yourself the name of those seeds. And they were called


You pick it up as you noticed it was the last one on the shelf. You look at Nature and she nods attentively with your choice.

She leads you to the register to pay for what you got. She carefully puts in a bag and sends you off on your way.

“Give it plenty of water and sunshine!” she yelled out to you.

“Will do! And Thank you!” you yelled back as you go through the door.

At home you place the stuff you bought from the store and head for the shed. With bag in hand you carefully place the good on the table.

Small Clay Plant Pot

Small Bag Of Dirt

Packet Of Seeds



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