How The Internet Changed The Way I See The World Now

Jose L Romero
5 min readMay 23, 2022

“The Internet Is The Key That Can Open A Closed Mind!”

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During Human History there were several Technological advances that has made Man advanced from cave dwellers to a more advanced society that has the ability to Read, Write and think logically.

Each Technological advancement has led the world to change as well as allow people to broaden their minds further as they are now being exposed to new ideas and opinions.

Still these Technological advances like the Pen, Printing Press, Radio and Television had a drawback in that it either was not a quick way to spread ideas or that it took a lot of money to invest in the Technology making only a few groups able to control the information you get to see.

This is true as it goes on in Radio and Television. These types of media offer control to a few people and Corporations and will only allow the people to see what that small group of people deemed worthy. It is also happening with print as a number of newspapers tend to only talk about one side of the story.

This has been happening for years and it continues to this day. They set what you watch and tell you only the news that benefit the small group of people.

It wasn’t till a several years ago when the latest Technical advance hit the streets and man did it cause a commotion! That Technical advance was the “Internet”! I remember when it first came out and how people at first never took it seriously but there were a few that did and those who saw an opportunity to share information about anything and everything jumped right in and made it happen.

The Internet back then was considered something that Geeks used but as time passed more and more people began using it. I know for me I immediately got my AOL CD and my 56k modem and got myself online!

The hissing and belching sounds the modem made would get me excited every time I used it. And when the AOL screen came up and said “Welcome! You’ve Got Mail!” I knew that I was going to get hooked on this thing big time!

Back then I was a Gung Ho chap always rooting for our team as I was only exposed to only one side of the story. I always would ask myself why were others so against Democracy and…

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