How To Become a Corporate Warrior

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How to Thrive In a Corporate Environment!

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A situation where 2 or more factions battle each other for supremacy. Wars can be fought physically, verbally and mentally. There is nowhere a War can’t be fought. It can be across a battlefield or in a corporate environment.

Soldiers will experience all 3 while the rest of us will only experience 2 mental and verbal wars.

To become a corporate warrior takes initiative to see through the feel good propaganda. It requires the person to be vigilant as well as to think. You see in the corporate world anything you say and do can be used as a weapon to destroy your reputation.

To be a warrior you have to be like Sun Tzu and move quietly to achieve your goals. Keep your Allies close even if they are your enemies. Enemies are everywhere even your cubicle mate could conspiring against you.

The minute you walk into a corporate building you are at War.

So do what Warriors do! Collect intelligence and learn to use misinformation and deceit. Your enemy will try to do the same. You will quickly learn who’s the favorite of the boss, you will find out who the cliques are. As well as the ass kissers who try to gain the favor of the boss by giving him or her the word on the floor.

Once you learn that the corporate world is not a friendly place it makes itself out to be you will adjust your method and do business that way.

Even with all the work and being vigilant there will always be another person that is more adept to being a Warrior than you are. So along the way you will gain some scars that will teach you what not to do.

You are probably wondering why I’m writing about this or why my views of the corporate world are why they are. You see a few years back the COO of a company I worked for gave the IT Dept I was in a copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

He wanted us to read it and understand it. He even told us he wanted a report on the book and asked to pick what rule was important to me. So with that being said my question about is the corporate world a battlefield got answered. I already had it in the back of my mind before the book and have already read the Art of War so the COO…

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