HP Scanjet 3000 S4: What to Do When Your Scan Button Does Not Work.

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It's frustrating but I found out how to fix it!

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Hp Scanjet 3000 S4 Scanner above

Recently I was working with a client who owns a HP Scanjet 3000 s4 scanner. This model of scanner tends to be one of the newer models that HP has in their product line. It’s small compact and easy to work with makes it a product that people would want. It also tends to resemble the more expensive Fujitsu Scanner.

The HP Scanjet 3000 can fold up and be out of the way once the user is done with it. The software it comes with is fairly easy to understand. The ease of setting up destination folders makes it extremely easy that a person with minimum experience with computers can figure out.

Let’s get back to the problem!

Anyway, the HP Scanjet 3000 s4 has a feature that if you wanted to scan all you needed to do was to put the documents in the document feeder then press the “Scan Button” which is located in the front of the scanner. The documents would get scanned and will automatically move the scanned documents over to the destination folder you wanted the documents to go.

The user was able to work like this saving lots of time to work on other things that needed her attention at work. But on Monday the button stopped working, the user could no longer scan documents by pressing the button. When she pressed it, nothing happened.

I remoted into her computer using LogMeIn and once I got remoted in, I began to work on the issue. Checked the settings and tried many different things which led me to not be able to figure this out. I went to HP.com support page to see if there were any fixes that would have fixed the scan button issue. I looked at forums to see if someone was able to come up with a resolution and basically found nothing!

What I Finally Figured Out.

I was at my wits end with the HP Scanjet and was about to give up until I decided to try one more thing. This is basically the last straw when it comes to troubleshooting computer equipment. I decided to uninstall the HP Scanjet 3000 s4 from the user's Desktop. I was chatting back and forth with the user through LogMeIn while I worked in fixing the scanner.

First thing I did I typed the word “scanner” on the search bar next to the Windows icon and a list comes up and then click on “printers and scanners”. A window will open and from there look for the HP Scanjet 3000 s4 and click on it then remove it.

Once you removed it go to Control Panel and uninstall the scanner drivers from your computer. This will take several minutes to do and once you have removed all the scanner drivers reboot your computer. Once you have rebooted make sure that the computer is up to date with Windows updates, also make sure you have the 22H2 update installed on your computer to make your desktop run smoothly.

How the Scan Button worked again on the HP Scanjet 3000 s4

Once the computer came back up, I had the user log back in and I went online again and, in the Search typed “HP Scanjet 3000 s4 drivers” scroll down and get the drivers from HP.com forget those other websites as many tend to be full of crappy software. Once you are on their website look for the scanner model and quickly you will find the drivers for it. (I have already provided a link for you above which will take you to the scanners drivers.)

Make sure that the drivers you install are the full drivers as they tend to work better than the other simple drivers. I downloaded the HP Scanjet 3000 s4 drivers on to the user's pc and began to install. The installation is very simple as it takes you step by step on what you need to do. It will take like at most 10 minutes to install.

Once you have installed the drivers open the scanner settings and set the destination folder you want it to go, then have the user try to scan by using the scan button feature on the HP Scanjet 3000 s4. If you did it right when the user presses the scan button the documents will automatically scan into their destination folder.

The thing I noticed also is that this scanner will work fine for a few months then the issue will happen again, making us have to trouble shoot the issue again. Now that I wrote this post hopefully other users will find it (including myself) online and be able to fix the situation from now on since HP has no documents on resolving this. I think the scanner issue that I was dealing with had to do with the user using an older Windows 10 laptop.

For now, the problem has been fixed and everyone is happy!

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