Is Acting A High Paying Job?

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2 min readAug 24, 2021

That all depends!

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To be honest with you with what little I know I assume that Acting is not a “High Paying” job only because there are steps that you may need to do before you can get a high paying job.

Things like training in the field of Acting is extremely important if you want to make acting a serious career. Leaving everything behind and moving to Holly wood will not guarantee you will make in acting. You will need some relevant training even though there are stories out there where people just showed up hopped out the bus in LA and became famous. They do happen but its like playing the Lotto and thinking you are going to hit the Million dollar jackpot is few and far between.

I also heard that Hollywood being a Union town you will need to join the acting unions if you really want to take it seriously in order for agents to even speak to you. I don’t know if this true or not this was told to me by a relative who moved out there thinking he was going to make it big only to end up homeless and living out of his car.

Also I heard having an Agent that can get you some gigs is important as they tend to be in the field and know who is who in the Hollywood scene. They will make look so easy but you will need to put in work to earn your bones like everywhere else. You not only have to Act but you should also learn to sing and dance make your Resume look like you can anything!

keep banging away at it until you get to where you need to be. You can be a working actor where you are able to work consistently but not get a large paycheck or you can become the next big star and get that high salary everyone talks about. But before you can all of that, you have know what you are getting yourself into because that world is full of con artists and Posers.

Hope that helps!

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