LinkedIn: The Open Secret No One Talks About

Johnny B. Exploited
3 min readMay 19

Except maybe Tim Denning and Tom Kuegler

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Tech has infiltrated all aspects of life! You can’t go anywhere without coming across some device or computer. With tech you can go and maybe meet the person of your dreams or cook that rocking Thai chicken recipe you saw on Tik Tok and everything in between.

Now even looking for jobs has become easier and faster and with all they being said enter LinkedIn! Yes, LinkedIn! It seems this platform has been catching a lot of steam lately as you hear Tim D and Tom K constantly talking about it. Spreading positive vibes about LinkedIn and how much of a powerful platform It is for them to push their business.

Yes LinkedIn for business can gat your the exposure you need as that is what it was built for. But LinkedIn is so much more than that! I have been a member of LinkedIn since the beginning. When all you heard was crickets and no one knew what to use the platform for. Most people avoided it and I was exited at first to be one of the few who had an account. In the beginning I would log in every now and then for years.

Then one day LinkedIn blew up and began to get popular. When I Logged in I saw tons of posts from many LinkedIn users and it felt great! I remember telling my self “Finally! It caught on!” I began to scope around and see what’s up and noticed something interesting they had a Job Section.

The job section is an open secret on LinkedIn! If you are looking for a job you should have an account with LinkedIn because these waters are crawling with Recruiters looking for able bodied to fill positions. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account consider yourself a loser!

I have gotten a ton of offerings from Recruiters here just about everyday! They hit my DM’s with job descriptions and the like. My job hunting searches are not stressful I just have my page set up like so and Recruiters find me on their searches. Since I have been on LinkedIn I have been able to Interview for jobs and actually get a job and with excellent pay!

Recruiters are not mean people as a matter of fact they hold the keys to the gates and if you work with them they will do whatever they need to do to get you In that position in that company. You should always be using LinkedIn even if you…

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