Narratives Are Here To Stay!

Narratives do play a important role in controlling society these days. Like you I lived in a bubble when I was younger then I began to read books that my Father would bring home from Clients libraries. Books that they no longer needed he brought home. Education was big with him since he only went up to the 6th grade when he was a boy.

My mind broadened the more I read. The more I read the more I was able to notice the many discrepancies I saw in Society, Religion, Politics. Business and the like. Books are powerful and a weapon against Narratives. Yet even with all this information the powers that be were able to throw misinformation and mix it with real information in such a way that less informative people began to eat it up and made it true in their minds.

I think narratives will only get stronger as more tech is being invented. The ease of getting words out to the people is quick and easy. Words can start revolutions or wars, words can build fortunes as well as destroy it.

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