Netflix: Luther and The Myth of the Red Room

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It’s actually a very good movie!

The other day I was. at home and it was a Saturday so while in bed I decided to watch some Netflix and as I browsed the list nothing really jumped out at me and line you I was indecisive on what to watch.

I don’t know how many times I have glanced over the movie “Luther” only because Idris Elba movies never really attracted me to watch them. But since there was nothing else that was catching my attention I went ahead and chose it. The worst it could do is force me to move to another show in case I don’t Like it.

What to expect:

The movie starts slow with Luther during an investigation he is found that while working as a cop he kind of manhandled a few people causing the investigation he was on to almost fall apart.

Like I said the movie starts slow but once he’s in jail is when the shit hits the fan! Thugs try to come at him from every angle while in prison because everyone knows he’s an ex cop.

Fights break out as usual and a plan to escape the prison is hatched after he found out that the killer contacted him f through a radio station (ingenuous if you ask me!). He was able to set up a plan to escape with some CO’s and get escape in a van with some cohorts he knew from back in the day.

He does the usual cop stuff contacting victims and fellow officers who are involved in the investigation that he had which has been taken over by another DCI cop who is a Female and is no nonsense.

Murders happen Luther gets shot at a few times and the the extravaganza at Piccadilly Circus! Where Luther almost catches the killer but escapes into the crowd. Luther almost gets caught but was allowed to escape you know cops helping another cop.

The killer gets away but then goes after the females cop Daughter and takes her. The killer plays with the female Investigator threatening her to take care of Luther for him or her daughter dies. She reluctantly agrees and ask to meet with Luther.

The investigator meets up with Luther at the bar. She asked him to go with her outside and while walking down an alleyway he realizes the she is going to shoot him! Luther see this and pleads with her that the killer is bluffing he will kill your daughter! An argument starts between the two the investigator fired two shots and tells him to get in the trunk. He’s pleading with her while…

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