Stop Pretending To Be. Just Be!

Those are words from a wise old man! Im glad that he was able to tell you those words so that you can start living your life on your own terms. My Father told me a long time ago when I was a boy those exact very same words. At first I did not know what he meant by it but as I got older I began to realize what he meant.

By the age of 20 I have about travelled all over the world and during that time I have met a great many people and situations some good and some bad but each left an impression on me. As I began to understand that statement like you I'm no longer angry and frustrated about things. Actually I'm very happy with where I'am and now at 51 I feel free actually I no longer need validation to feel like a person. I'm comfortable under my skin and I like it that way. I may not be wealthy in cash but I'm wealthy in life.

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