The 5 Rules You Need to be Aware of While Moving to Another State.

So you have decided to move! Good for you!

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Not many people have the nerve to pick up and leave to find new opportunities that will benefit you and your family. I should know as it took me a while to bring up my nerve to go!

There can be many reasons why people as well as you may have decided to find greener pastures some where else. It could be that being where you are now is not helping you get ahead. Or you have kids and raising them in a better place with room to run may be something that you are looking for.

I know for me when I and my Wife decided to move we just figured that we just pack up and go!

Unfortunately that was not case!

You see we did not take into account how much money we had to spend in order to even setup everything that needed to get done before we got there. Believe me it was an unpleasant surprise for us.

I’m going to help you!

So I figured I would go ahead and help you explain the conditions you need to cover before you leave and find your life elsewhere.

Here are the 5 conditions you need to be aware of before you move to another state.

  1. Getting a job

Yes folks before anything you will need to get a job and that means you may need to travel back and forth if need be for interviews. You may be interviewed through Skype or Microsoft Teams which seems to be the thing now but you may need to still travel and meet face to face. Be aware of that

Keep looking for jobs in the state you are moving to.

Let me tell you a secret! I would send my resume out with the address where I lived in NY an got no answers for any jobs I posted for. At first I did not understand why this was happening to me. I mean I would send resumes everyday without fail! I wore out a groove on From all the resumes I would send.

It was not until I figured out that maybe it was because of my address. They may have been looking for someone local instead of a new implant. Since newcomers are too much trouble. So luckily for me I have family in the state we chose to live in and used their address instead of mine and wouldn’t you know it I began to get calls and interviews.

But I don’t have relatives in that state?

In case that you do not have anyone in the state you move in to if I’m not mistaken you can get a UPS mailbox (united parcel service) not the post office. Those UPS mailboxes are considered residential and not PO Boxes like the Postal Service. You can even set it up to forward any mail received from your new state to the one you live in now.

Check your resume!

Oh! You haven’t looked at your resume in years? Then do me the favor and take a once over at your resume and make sure everything is up to date! Make sure the address is from the state you want to live in and not your old address. Make sure your jobs section on your resume is updated with the job you are in now. Polish that shit up and if you can’t do that then hire a Resume Designer who can reword and revamp your whole resume and make it eye catching to your prospective employer. Also you should have them take a look at your cover letter as well.

But resume designers are expensive!

Yes having a resume revamped and eye catching will require for you to shell out some cash. I think the price is worth it only because it’s an investment into your future! Rather than spending money on a video game that you will lose interest on why not use that money on a resume?

2. Finding a place to live.

The next thing will be for you to find a decent place to live. Depending what state you decided to live in finding a place may be a whole different experience that you may not be used to. Also deciding where to live may need some research as you do not want to move somewhere that’s considered a bad neighborhood or that does not have a good school system for your kids.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You can find many companies who offer Apartments for rent with pictures and everything. That being said its always safe to make a trip to the state you want to live in to make sure that the Apartment Complex you want to live in looks like the picture. We made the mistake of going by the picture only to find out that it looked nothing like the pictures on the website. Always investigate what you are getting into.

Google is your friend.

Search on the internet what places in the state you are going to live in have the best neighborhoods for you to live in. Usually Google can help guide you down that path and once you find a place or places go and check it out! Take a ride down there and see for yourself.

Road Trip!!

The best time to look and see if a neighborhood is good is to drive by it at night. If it’s quiet not too many people around and such then you know it’s good. You can decide from there.

Most apartment complexes rent using contracts!

Yes I did not know about this since in NYC you just have a lease and if you break it it’s not that bad. Outside of the state it’s a different story. You are required to sign a contract usually for a year. During that time you are responsible for the rent. You break the contract not only will you pay a huge cancellation fee but they will also add that to your credit report. And if you decide to find a place and they check your credit? You will be either turned down or made to pay a higher rent because you will be considered a risk.

Also read what you are signing so that you understand what you have to bring to the table. There is a deposit that is required for the renter to get the apartment. Usually it’s not high the highest I have seen it was about 250.00 I’m sure the fancier the place it could be more. Also you may need to get Apartment insurance on the Apartment you live in before they can rent to you.

But what if I want to buy Property?

You may also want to buy property right away but unfortunately you will need to wait at least a year to prove your residency before you can buy any property in your new state. I could be wrong but this is what I was told when i began to look for property to live in in the state I live now.

3. Realize the laws in your new state may be totally different

Please be aware of the local laws that govern the new city or town you are living in. Most people think that laws are the same everywhere you go. In reality though they are not and what may be legal in your home state may not be legal in your new state.

You can learn by either asking someone who lives there or doing some research for yourself on Google. Always be mindful of what you are doing to avoid any issues. Federal laws tend to be the same across the board I think but you may need to discuss that with your Lawyer and such.

4. Registering your car.

We all hate going to the DMV as it’s just a pain in the ass to do anything over there. But once you have moved its best to register the car under the new state you are living in now.

How long do I have before I can register my car I the new state?

Certain states more or less have a time limit for you to reregister your car under their state. I know for me In the state I live in is 90 days. You don’t have to change it as long as your car is registered and insured but it’s a good thing to do because of car inspections and such.

Your monthly insurance payment may drop when you register your car.

After I registered my car to in the state I live in my Insurance payment dropped considerably and I was happy for that since I have 2 cars that needed to be registered.

Be aware that in certain states you will pay a car tax. Yes in my state every six months I have to pay a car tax to the state. It sucks but like I said before when I came down here it was something I did not know until I moved here. In the end the Gov always get you!

5. Social Environment

Not everyone follows the same type of lifestyle or have the same opinions when it comes to social issues. When you go anywhere be prepared to be shocked! Not in a bad way but more surprised on how other people live.

Being a Northerner all my life and moving down South was kind of a culture shock. People tend to be more laid back and somewhat more friendlier than our Northern counterparts. Or they are not friendly which ever.

What shocked me the most

When I moved South what shocked me the most was how relaxed they are about Guns. I mean I have seen some dudes open carry on Walmart and Dunkin Donuts like nothing. Even in front of Cops and they don’t even give the guy a look.

It took some time to get over it as it made me nervous to think that someone’s packing heat and is blatantly exposing the weapon.

I can tell you this there won’t be any Terrorists coming down here starting some shit! Unless they are looking for a gun fight.

Do that in NYC and they will call everyone in the book and send your ass to jail! Being Conditioned I guess but now living here for the past few months I have gotten used to it.

In Conclusion:

These are just 5 that just ran off the top of my head. You may have more and if you do please feel free to add to the conversation as we need as much information below as we can collect to make a state to state move a lot less stressful! Also if you like the article you read please feel free to give us some claps!



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