The Day A Witch Gave Me A Money Tree And She Told Me I Will Never Be Broke Again!

Jose L Romero
8 min readMay 26, 2022

Sometimes luck comes in without you expecting it.

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The clock goes off in my raggedy studio apt in a dilapidated building in some ghetto ass neighborhood in some borough in NYC.

It was raining and cold that day, dreary skies and I can hear the wind whistling in through the cracks of my old window that faces the street.

Feeling a bit chilly I grabbed my Yankees hoodie and put it on. Its 20 degrees and the cheap slum lord that owns this building is being cheap with the heat! That being the case I decided to turn on the oven at least I could warm up the studio enough for it to be comfortable.

I decided to make some coffee and I opened the fridge and of course its bare! Nothing in it just a reminder that I need to go grocery shopping, but pay day is 2 weeks away so with no money I have to resign to the fact that I’m broke!

Brokety Broke Broke

I’m so broke that if I put my hands in my pockets I don’t even have lint!

Just emptiness!

I looked through my house for some change maybe in some of my dirty laundry I may have a 5 or 20 laying somewhere in some pocket in the mound of dirty laundry I have.



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