The Day A Witch Gave Me A Money Tree And She Told Me I Will Never Be Broke Again!

Johnny B. Exploited
8 min readMay 26, 2022

Sometimes luck comes in without you expecting it.

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The clock goes off in my raggedy studio apt in a dilapidated building in some ghetto ass neighborhood in some borough in NYC.

It was raining and cold that day, dreary skies and I can hear the wind whistling in through the cracks of my old window that faces the street.

Feeling a bit chilly I grabbed my Yankees hoodie and put it on. Its 20 degrees and the cheap slum lord that owns this building is being cheap with the heat! That being the case I decided to turn on the oven at least I could warm up the studio enough for it to be comfortable.

I decided to make some coffee and I opened the fridge and of course its bare! Nothing in it just a reminder that I need to go grocery shopping, but pay day is 2 weeks away so with no money I have to resign to the fact that I’m broke!

Brokety Broke Broke

I’m so broke that if I put my hands in my pockets I don’t even have lint!

Just emptiness!

I looked through my house for some change maybe in some of my dirty laundry I may have a 5 or 20 laying somewhere in some pocket in the mound of dirty laundry I have.

So I jumped in like a broke ass would and searched through all my pockets.

Bing Bong! I hit the jackpot and found a 20 in a dirty pair of jeans I have.

I thought to myself, I can go to the Bodega get a Coffee and a Baconeggncheese sandwich and still have enough for later! So I quickly changed and grabbed my coat and umbrella and headed out to the Bodega.

As I walk outside I take a deep breath of the cold air and can smell the rain. I like walking in the neighborhood at this time because its so quiet! Its quiet because all the Crack Heads and Hood Dudes are still in bed sleeping right now, they will be out here again in a few hours.

Anyway as I approached the Bodega I noticed a little store I have not seen before. It must be a new business and when I looked at the sign it says Botanica.

Just in case you don’t know what a Botanica is click here!

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