The Most Important Decision No One Prepared You For That Can Change Your Life! A Job Or A Business

Which is Better a Job Or a Business?

In life we go about thinking we know everything that there is to know. We look around at the people surrounding us and start doing the same thing that they do. In school they tell you to go to College, get a job and then retire.

You believe the rhetoric because its all you ever know and since the school faculty is viewed as an Authority we never question rather instead we follow along and play the game they want us to play. You go through the boring 12 years of school only to go to a few more years of school and then once your done you find out….

You have been LIED to!

All those 12 years of school prepared you for a life they promoted so much. They said that life would be great and you will have nothing but success then you graduate and are thrusted into the reality of life and find out that the world is nothing like they said all those years.

Your Teachers as well as Parents did not prepare you for what you are going to experience which is a world where NO ONE not even those you love would be able to help you since they are also competing in this game called life. You learn things like Bills, Paying Rent and Mortgage Payments. You start to realize why at times your Parents looked worried or distracted The world is not easy to live in and many people are realizing that.

Hell I realized that when I graduated and joined the Military. The world was scary and I only had my self to blame if shit went haywire. Luckily for me like most of you I was able to get my bearings and have made mistakes in my life which have opened my mind to other things that was not taught to me or to you during those 12 years of school

Getting A Job.

During my school years I was taught that getting a job is the way to success and after a few years out here in the real world I find out that its not really the case.

You see when you have a job, your whole life is dependent on a certain individual or group who pays you your check so you can have the things you have. Not only that you get what they think the type of Health Insurance you need and then wonder why you have to pay a 1,000 dollar deductible while they don’t pay nothing for their insurance.

Every day could be the day that they decide to get rid of you, your position and or Dept. I have seen it many times and I have also been the one getting laid off or fired.

But yet the powers that be will always tell you how great having a job is and how safe it is when in reality its extremely risky. The salary will be just enough to scrape by and its still not enough. Prices go up but your salary stays the same. Such is the con game we all play.

I began to notice things like how there are people with less schooling and can barely speak English are making more money than you and for most of us we find ourselves working for them.

We think we are so much smarter than the older Adults, we tell ourselves that we will never be like them, but after a few years you realize that you turned into them and are doing the same things, talking about the same things, up to your Eyeballs in bills etc.

40 years go by and now you are at retirement age and find out the Market got hosed and so did your 401k. While your Boss gets to chill in his Yacht with some young piece of ass he gets to bang whenever he wants.

Such is life!

You feel screwed

What the fuck did I do wrong!

You Did Not Do Anything Wrong!

Its not your fault and I’m not blaming you because I’m in the same place as you are. There is still time for you to learn and come up with a idea you can turn into a business and make money. I believe the system is set up so that only a few will prosper while the rest of us run around blind and in the dark.

The system only taught you to work and think just enough to be able to live in this world. Remember what they did to those kids who did not follow the procedures set by the school faculty? They would always get in trouble and we would all think what a bunch of losers only to find out that the losers are us because that loser was smart enough to see the bullshit and now we are working for him or her.

Having a Job is like living like a Slave. They tell you when to get up, when to leave and everything else as they dangle your whole life over your head just in case you mess up.

Even if you have the job skills that are in demand you are still expendable! You don’t have to look far than what is going on in Twitter. Their new Boss canned most of the people there and many of these employees are the tops in their fields.

Starting a Business Is Better Than Working a Job.

Let me ask you a question, do you think that Elon Musk is losing sleep over what hes doing at Twitter? He’s probably sleeping soundly every night without a care in the world. This is what owing a business is all about. Owing a business means having Freedom the very essence, the thing that this country prides itself in.

But with freedom comes responsibility.

The work is hard at first, it will make you want to give up but if you stick with it and build something the future payback will be magnificent. Unlike a job you only answer to yourself which means if you make a mistake then only you will suffer the consequences or worse your employees will suffer.

Still with all that being said you are in charge of yourself, you are the deciding factor of how much money you will make

To start a business you don’t need any fancy degrees or credentials just the fire and motivation you will need to have in order to go through growing your business, hell you don’t even have to have a excellent hold of the English language!

So which is better? A job or a business.

I would choose a business every time!

Johnny B. Exploited



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