What Loser Politicians Can Learn About Capt. Picard Leadership Skills.

What can you learn from Capt. Picard?

As anyone who has watched Star Trek I’m sure they have also come across Capt. Picard. The serious, stern yet humble Captain of the Enterprise. I love watching the show that my Wife got me watching as she is a major fan.

Anyway form watching the shows I can see Capt. Picard throughout every episode show his leadership skills and qualities. Yes, I know its a TV show but imagine if Politicians had the same type of skills?

Imagine how different America will be if we had Men and Women out there who really takes their work seriously like Captain Picard. We probably would not have none of this current bullshit going on with one group fighting over another. Wow, how different the world would be and worth living.

Politicians are at the top of their careers and yet have the leadership qualities of a 15 year old store manager. The constant mess ups, innuendos, favoritism and the like makes me believe that American Politicians should learn how to lead by watching Capt. Picard at work resolving planetary issues!


Do you know how hard that must be?

Never mind that you will also be dealing with groups that are not Human and have their ways of life and bizarre cultures. And yet he is as cool as he can be with his Baritone British accent tone.

Here are some leadership skills Capt. Picard uses which can help lousy Politicians become better.

His Crew and his Ship are the most important things

As a Captain, Picard is basically the man that makes the decisions and weighs his options on how it will affect the ship and crew. Although, at times he might make mistake and some crew members may lose their lives in the process. He will feel remorse and turn that anger into positive action. Unfortunately many of these Politicians are missing that or do not want to take responsibility for others

Asks his people questions about how to resolve a problem.

Capt. Picard is known to ask questions to his advisors when he cannot find a fix to a problem at hand. He will listen intently to what is people have to say and weigh the pros and cons of the situation. This as a Captain is the best thing he or she can do. He understands that he does not have all the resolutions to problems and because of that he always asks his trusted group. You see as a Captain its best to view the current problems from different perspectives because at times the answer is right in front of you.

He allows his Crew Members to give their thoughts.

Capt. Picard has been known to allow his people to speak clearly when there is a disagreement of some kind. At times Issues can be worked but also sometimes being a Diplomat does not work and at times Capt. Picard will become stern and make sure you understand that this issue needs to be resolved now.

He understands people

When there is some kind of planetary meeting to squash some differences among groups they send him over to negotiate. Why? Because the man understands people. He knows that every group is different in culture, way of life that might be strange to us. but yet there he is talking negotiating terms, making peace and keeping the peace in the Galaxy.

He has artistic interests

As a man of high stature and responsibility Capt. Picard also has an interest in creative things like Art, Books, Past Cultures, Archelogy and the like. He is a true man of man whose interests show the man that he is. Having and Interest or doing some sort of creativity will open the mind to new ideas and opinions. Will give the man something to talk about when he meets other people or beings who have the same interests. Doing this will keep the man sharp and able to handle anything that comes down his way.

These are the skills I have noticed from watching Capt. Picard on the TV screen for many years. I know that he is a fictional character but I bet if he was real he would really be an interesting person to speak to.

I wish that our lousy Politicians will take heed and maybe watch some Star Trek and learn from Capt. Picard and make this great nation a better place than it is now.

If you have any COMMENTS about Capt. Picard’s leadership skills, Please COMMENT BELOW

I’m as old as time and arrived in an asteroid many years ago. I’m here to write and will follow and clap back to anyone! Just ask

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