When Should You Start Applying For Jobs Before Graduating

Jose L Romero
2 min readSep 10, 2022

Time is at the essence

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After 4 years of college and trying to find yourself its time to go off into the real world! The world that is full of work and situations that can and at times will not benefit you. Still you have to out there and make your mark in the world.

Your Parents and loved ones are watching closely to see if all those years of them imparting some of their knowledge sticked inside your head. Getting a job depending on the industry can take time and effort so it makes sense to wonder when can you apply to jobs.

Personally, for me I feel that anytime is a good time to apply. The earlier the better at least so that you can learn the process and gain experience. Two of the things that are important to the future job holder. Applying for jobs earlier than your peers will get you ahead and not only that you will begin to make connections with Job Recruiters which is great!

So in my opinion the best time to start applying for jobs is now, not later. Get out there early because competition is fierce and any head start you can get will put you over the top. Hell, you may get hired even before you graduate, which will at least help you start living your adult life.

So sign up for LinkedIn and Indeed and get that Resume uploaded and begin your search. See you in the field!



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