Why Can Trump Not Pay Taxes?

The latest this week in the news is how the D has not paid any taxes for years!


Yes folks apparently the D is a lot smarter than we thought. How can American citizen not pay taxes legally while the rest of us have to!

Two Worlds In America

There are two worlds that run side by side in America one rich the other everyone else.

Everyday we see this and yet we do nothing or even find out how to work the system.

Most of these billionaires have access to certain people who will set up these kind of services for the rich and powerful.


Because the rich have the power to dump money at Politicians and since most Politicians are whores they quickly do a trick then take their money.

I have to admit…

That it is interesting on how he was able to do this. I guess that is why he keeps intelligent people on his payroll so that they can do shit like this.

To be honest if I had the money he had I would have done the same thing.

Why pay taxes?

Technically paying taxes is not law! As a matter of fact most state laws do not say that you have to pay taxes. At least from what I have read and seen on the Internet.

If we all paid taxes then why are they some states like Florida who does not collect income taxes?

We only pay taxes because we know if we don’t they will make our lives a living hell!

The IRS will take everything you own, not only that but they will throw your ass in Prison.

The double dimensions that we live in America today is a part of life. People have to realize that we are just sheep. Slaves for work to keep this charade going.

Rudy Guiliani says he is a genius!

If you saw the interview on CNN with Rudy yesterday you might have heard that Trump is a genius to avoid paying taxes for years.

Its unfortunate that Rudy still tries to get in with the “in” group. Unfortunately for him no one is paying attention to him.

He reminds me of the male version of Sarah Palin.

Talking out his ass and promoting more and more security.

A former Mayor of the most highly taxed city i the world is saying that not paying taxes is ingenious!

I bet if he was still mayor of ny he will be singing a different tune.

He is looking like a fool every time I see him on D’s dick.

But anyway I would like to pick Trumps brain on how he was able to get away from paying taxes!

And I have to admit that it is incredibly smart and brash to get away with that shit!

What do you think?

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