Why Quiet Quitting Is Stupid and a Waste of Your Time. Here is What You Need to do!

Jose L Romero
3 min readNov 6, 2022

There is no quick way around it.

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Quiet Quitting is for Babies! Picture and text from Canva

These past few years it seems that normal life has been uprooted by many different ideas that have come forward into society and everyone has taken notice. From a deadly pandemic that many people still think it was a hoax to workers quitting their jobs and even something called “Quiet Quitting”

I started hearing about this recently, I’m sure this term has been out longer before I noticed it. What is “Quiet Quitting”? What does it mean and why people are doing it. So I went forth into the monster that is called “Google” and began searching the term and what it meant.

What is “Quiet Quitting”?

Okay so “Quiet Quitting” in layman terms means people who stop going and doing more than what is expected from them. In other words they are doing what their job requires during the jobs allotted time and after that they refuse to do more.

Quiet Quitting We All Have Been There!

I don’t know about you but I think we all have fallen into that “Quiet Quitting” slump before every now and then but when that happens pulling back is not what you need to do, in fact when you start feeling that urge to “Quiet Quit” then it’s time for you to start looking for another job

Stop Wasting Your Time Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting to me will not solve the problem you may be having with your job, employer, etc. the issue will still continue and probably becomes worse as times passes. People will notice and God forbid you may be even be handed your walking papers. Personally I think Quiet Quitting is a lazy persons way of getting back at their employer. As if cutting back will actually make your boss notice.

In reality you will be fighting a useless battle and wasting your time because your employer can throw you out into the street and replace you very quickly. Never ever forget that everyone is replaceable, no matter how much time or years you have in the firm. You start fucking up and out you go with a swift kick to the ass.

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