Why The Statement “We Are Family!” In The Corporate World Is a Crock Of Crap!

Johnny B. Exploited
3 min readApr 8

It never ends well when the Hatchet Man comes!

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I’m sure many of you have had jobs or held positions where you heard this statement “We Are All Family!”.

Yes I know you have because I have heard it in one form or another in my 17 years in the corporate world.

When you first hear it it feels good and makes you motivated to support your employer. I think it’s a psychological mind trick kind of what Politicians use to have people back them and support their endeavors.

You bust your hump everyday and balance all of your responsibilities that are required for your job and on occasions you may get even a little more work. You don’t stress because “We are Family!” These people will never hurt me or treat me like a Slave.

Then one day the sun shining, it’s a beautiful Friday morning and for some reason the Hatchet Man is walking around the office making his or her rounds. You heard that whenever this man or woman is around heads tend to roll and it usually happens on Fridays!

“We are family!” You say to yourself as you try to keep your head down

You begin to feel the tension in the air. Everyone is quiet and all you hear is the clacking of keyboard keys and the clicking of mice. Everyone has the “Deer in the Headlights” look. HR people are extremely quiet then at around 1 or 3pm you begin to hear crying and anger as the Hatchet Man or Woman has begun to cut off heads!

Some of the people did not have many years on the jobs so they were mostly annoyed. The ones crying were the ones who put all of their lives into supporting and playing the corporate game because they thought that being let go only happened to other people.

At first I would feel for them as I too would feel the stress because I have been there before. You try to console them but it feels fake even though you genuinely care you can’t really be too emotional.

You help them clear 20 odd years of crap from their desk into a few boxes and help carry those boxes to their car and say your good byes.

Then Monday comes around and it’s like that person was never there! Their names no longer…

Johnny B. Exploited

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